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Brilliant Tool to Read Restricted Lotus Notes File

I am lawyer and while sorting out my new case, my client has given me few Notes NSF files that are protected with security. Whenever I access those files they displayed me error like: “You are not authorized to access this database”.

I personally think that the files may contain the data which may help out in solving out case and achieving success in my case. But the question that is striking in my mind is How to Read Restricted Lotus Notes file? Therefore before going deep in case study I started searching for solution to my query. I have studied about Lotus Notes and came to know that administrator of NSF file can set local security to files to safeguard vital information from being misused. But I also came to know that only administrator can access those files after applying security to NSF files. After knowing this fact I was completely blind and I don’t have any option left back other than hiring a professional technician.

One day I am working over internet and I suddenly got an idea to search for method or a solution to crack the security of those NSF files. Guess What!!! Kudos for Google I found several third party solutions to break the security of NSF files.

Now I am in dilemma how to choose the best one to read restricted Lotus Notes file. And here also I found the right solution. I found a tool with free downloadable facility. I would like to disclose the name of miraculous tool that is Securase software. I have downloaded and installed the trial version of tool just to identify the working performance of tool. After that I loaded the NSF files to software and within couple of minutes the tool displayed me the unlocked NSF files. As a limitation of its demo version I could not save those NSF files into my system, but I got an idea of demonstration of Securase software.

I found that unlocked NSF files contains the right information for case to be solved and in my next step to show those files in court physically on piece of paper I have to purchase the licensed version of tool. I have contact the support department of the respective organization and within 24 hrs of purchasing the tool I got the activation key for tool and I got what I needed. I want to say few words to the developers of tool that creation like this tool are best way to sort out legal and forensics reports without wasting much efforts. So keep it guys and serve us with more and more creations.


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